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Tower Tag – Much more than a VR game

It is not easy to explain the excitement about VR but anyone who has experienced one time can’t stop!
This is a revolutionary and very enjoyable step in the way we communicate with the world around us, After we have tested the various technologies and simulators for you all over the world We brought you the best quality VR activities.

You can customize the virtual reality of your event
Whether it’s an exhibition, commercial event or private event.
We will give you an experience that you, your guests or your customers will never forget!

Our Services

התאמה אישית של תכנים ואטרקציות מציאות מדומה

Personal customization and Development

הפעלת משחקי מציאות מדומה

Rental and Operation of Attractions

פיתוח קונספטים ותכני מציאות מדומה

Content, Apps and Platforms Development

בנייה והקמה של מתחמי תוכן ומשחק במציאות מדומה

Construction of Virtual Reality Complexes

Some of Our Customers

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